Who is the Better Rapper?
Spenny has embarrassing pictures of Kenny put on a billboard.
Original airdate
January 8, 2006

Who is the Better Rapper? is the thirteenth episode of the second season. In the episode, Kenny and Spenny must write and perform their own rap shows for three judges, who will decide who the better rapper is.

The CompetitionEdit

Kenny begins by mocking Spenny's having no knowledge of rap and his mispronunciation of the word "Eminem" (e-MINE-uhm). Kenny leaves to think of a name for himself for use in the competition, and settles on K-Y. He attempts to create several stage personas for himself while Spenny works on rhyming his lyrics, which Kenny interrupts using his pimp character, at which Spenny is amazed. 

Spenny leaves to meet with a rap group, the L-Side Boyz, for some practise and pointers. He tells them about his ideas for rapping about literature and education. Meanwhile, Kenny attempts to coerce a car salesman into letting Kenny borrow the car.

Spenny's practise seems to have paid off somewhat, as he is able to perform a decent show for the camera on a railroad for the camera. He makes comments on how easy rapping is, and the guys offering their help get offended and leave. He tells Kenny about having offended them and impresses him with his new-found rap skill. Kenny decides to capitalize on Spenny's story and has his unit director, Sebastien Cluer, call Spenny under the guise of B-Dog, who threatens Spenny's life for having offended the L-Side Boyz. 

Spenny goes downstairs and has Kenny listen to the message received by B-Dog, unaware that Kenny is behind the phone call. Kenny remains unsupportive, and so Spenny leaves to worry alone. Kenny, alone at home, drills holes into the walls, hangs a chicken from a light post, and enlists the help of actor Phillip Jarrett, who will be playing a police officer investigating the fake shooting Kenny has set up. The actor tells the guys that the chicken is B-Dog's signature, and Spenny should evacuate the premises. Spenny quietly makes special notice of the actor's shoes, which he notes are dirty. Remarking that real police officers always wear clean shoes, Spenny continues to play along. 

Kenny dresses Spenny up in a niqab and moves him to a motel. He tells Spenny that hits put out by gangbangers are never revoked, to scare Spenny into staying in the room. Kenny leaves to "fix the situation", where in reality he is going to the judging. Spenny leaves soon after to execute his master plan. 

Kenny tells the judges that Spenny will not show up and so he has won the competition, but is greatly surprised when Spenny turns up with the L-SIde Boyz and two girls, the Rice Cakes, and puts on a show which blows the judges and Kenny away. Spenny wins the competition with two points to one.