Who Do Old People Like More?
1 - Each guy has to take three elderly women out and show them a good time
Spenny did water aerobics in a women's bathing suit amongst other elderly people in the class.
Original airdate
November 7, 2005

Who Do Old People Like More? is the fourth episode of the second season. Kenny and Spenny must show their three elderly female judges a good time, and they will decide with whom they enjoyed themselves more.

The CompetitionEdit

Spenny starts the episode by introducing his four-point plan that he believes will make the judges rule in his favor. He is interrupted by Kenny, who criticizes the plan.

Spenny is the first to take out the judges, and gives himself a makeover before meeting them. Kenny has his 'recon man' go gather information on the judges, and discovers that they are all Jewish. 

Spenny introduces himself to the judges, and fails to make a good first impression, beginning their first conversation with reasons as to why his hair isn't cooperating. Meanwhile, Kenny finds Nicholas, a man with Down's syndrome, who's agreed to act as Kenny's brother during Kenny's 'date' with the judges, christening his new brother "Lenny Hotz".

Spenny sits with the judges in a delicatessen and warns the judges of Kenny's tricks and tells them to watch out for odd or fabricated behaviour. Spenny seems to be able to make some headway with the judges while Kenny instructs his new "brother" and makes up a fake background for Lenny and enjoys his time with him before starting the competition. 

Spenny's efforts at the delicatessen have gone to waste as he brings the women to a financial advisor as part of his four-point plan. The man drones on and the judges quickly get bored, but Spenny soon realizes his mistake and apologizes for both the misuderstanding and the financial advisor's use of the word "death" (a word that was previously described as "unmentionable" around the judges). He then takes the judges to a fitness center where the women are made to exercise but seem to enjoy themselves, topping off the date with a dance class. 

Spenny has Lenny brought to his mother, Tzafi's, house, and meets the judges at a coffee house. Kenny's first impression goes much smoother than Spenny's, sets the stage for Lenny, and treats the judges to manicures in order to buy some time and make final preparations with Lenny. Kenny's ruse seems to work on the women, who don't catch Lenny's mistake (that Spenny was nice to him as a child).

Kenny brings the women to a synagogue, where they listen to the cantor sing a touching song, which they seem to enjoy and are deeply moved.

In the end, all three judges voted that they preferred Kenny, citing that he was much more relaxed and they felt much more comfortable with him, and were touched at how close a bond he shared with his family.