Kenny V Spenny 78

'Who can win a series of mini-competitions?' is the eleventh episode of the first season of Kenny vs Spenny.


Who can Pee for the Longest?Edit

Spenny went first and lasted 37 seconds.

Meanwhile we see Kenny in the living room filling a water bottle with another substence, he then goes in and 'pees' for 27 seconds before Spenny finds out he was cheating and got the point.

Point Spenny


Kenny decides to remove his pants because he 'Does not want the excess weight', tightens a belt around his fore head to stop 'blood rush'

Spenny procliames his head hurts and Kenny taughts him.

kenny is the first one to bring his legs down and spenny gets the point.

Point spenny

Biggest Gum BubbleEdit

spenny blew zanta under duress and somehow won

Point spenny

Longest Time Jumping on a Pogo StickEdit

Spenny continues jumping severeral seconds after Kenny stops and wins the point.

Point Spenny

Rock Paper ScissorsEdit

Spenny: Paper
Kenny: Rock

Point Spenny

Spelling BeeEdit

Word 1- BOG spells it correctly
Word 2-EVIL spells it correctly
Word 3- CONCUBINE spells it correctly

Word 1- CAT spells it correctly
Word 2- CHEAT spells it correctly

Point Kenny

Who can Stuff the Most Marshmellows in Their MouthEdit

Spenny: 10 Marshmellows
Kenny:15 MarshMellows

Point Kenny

Staring ContestEdit

Kenny cheats by spitting a Marshmellow at Spenny. Kenny then gives Spenny another chance and Kenny attemps to hold his eyelids open with hias fingers. Spenny and Kenny attempt it again and spenny wins the point.

Point Spenny

Holding Breath Edit

They are at a swimming pool with a timer guy. Spenny is in the water and kenny on on the outside of the pool. The intructer says now and Spenny dives under. About 2 seconds later Kenny dips his head in the water. Kenny is the first to pull his head out and spencer won.

Point Spenny

Sperm Count Edit

kenny goes in to a room and after 17.5 seconds comes out again with his sample.
spenny can't give a sample because kenny cheated by putting a picture of spenny's grandmother in the room.

Point kenny


After having an argument about who uses what ball they begin to play. In the end Spenny wins 145 to 106.

Point Spenny

Stair RaceEdit

Kenny false starts and they start again. This time the start is true and spenny wins.

Point spenny

Stair Race #2Edit

At the CN tower Kenny decides to follow Spenny 3-4 flights up and then take the elevator, he does this and gets to the top. He orders wine when Spenny is about halfway up and toasts to him. Speeny wins and Kenny agrees but then reveiles that the next competition is WRESTLING.

Point Spenny

Wrestling Edit

Spenny accidently breaks Kenny's rib but Kenny still beats Spenny 12 to 4 d Kenny wins.

Point Kenny. 




Spenny makes Kenny go up the stairs of the CN tower and takes the lift up himself. Kenny does it in just under 14 hours.



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