Who Can Win a Rat Race?
1 - No mechanical, magnetic or electrical propulsion devices.

2 - Because Kenny is a rat, he cannot run the race. 3 - Cannot interfere with the rats during the race.

4 - No steroids or performance enhancers.
Kenny has a rat run around in his underwear
Original airdate
December 19, 2005

Who Can Win a Rat Race? is the tenth episode of the second season. The competition consists of Kenny and Spenny recruiting and training rats to race on a custom-made track.

The CompetitionEdit

Kenny reveals several rat-related hijinx he committed in his youth, and calls Spenny a rat. They establish the rules, during which Kenny says that Spenny originally wanted to race black people instead of rats, retribution for which Spenny wants during the race. Spenny recruits his rat from a handler, which he names Sally. Kenny finds his own rat and names it Zontar, Lord of the Underworld. Zontar is hyperactive compared to the more tame Sally, though both rats are undeniably quick.

Spenny sets up an alarm above his rat's cage to alert him if Kenny tries to tamper with the rat. He then brings Sally to the park and runs laps around the track with her as training, and has her practise on the track set up for the race. Kenny attempts to train his rat, but is ultimately unsuccessful, as it remains uncooperative. While visiting Spenny in his room, Kenny inquires about the alarm system. Later, while Spenny is in the bathroom, Kenny blocks the door with a chair and kidnaps Sally, triggering the alarm. Once Spenny escapes, Kenny disappears with Sally.

A devastated Spenny receives a videotape in the mail from Kenny in the guise of a terrorist (which Spenny sees through). Kenny makes demands to ensure Sally's survival, among which is Spenny's forfeit. Kenny sneaks into his room through the rooftop door. Spenny meets Kenny in his room and states that he will find a way to win the race.

Spenny goes to Tzafi, Kenny's mother's, house. He phones Kenny while playing Kenny's old records, holding them hostage in exchange for Sally. Kenny meets with Spenny's mother and kidnaps her, while she remains under the impression that he is taking her to lunch. Genuinely afraid that Kenny may harm his mother, Spenny agrees to trade the records for her safe return. On the way to the meeting point, Kenny attempts to convince Spenny's mother that Spenny is gay. They make the trade and Kenny brings his records home.

Spenny meets with Sally's handler again and gets a replacement for Sally, which he names Sean. Kenny also replaces his original uncooperative rat with Phoebe, a capibara, the largest rodents in the world. Spenny thinks it's hopeless, but agrees to race the rats anyways. The race begins, and while Phoebe is in the lead at first, she gets distracted and steps off the track. Sean is able to pull off an unlikely win, and Spenny wins the competition.