Who Can Stay Blindfolded the Longest?
1 - No removing the blindfold 2 - First person to remove the blindfold loses the competition
Kenny burped into a tube and Spenny, taped and gagged to a table, had no choice but to smell it
Original airdate
October 21, 2003

 Who Can Stay Blindfolded the Longest? is the ninth episode of the first season of Kenny vs. Spenny. Kenny and Spenny must remain blindfolded until either one removes it first or the time limit for the competition is reached.

The CompetitionEdit

Spenny shows off the equipment he's prepared for the competition, mostly consisting of hockey equipment and stick. Kenny, on the other hand, is equipped with only a broomstick handle with which he will "feel" his surroundings. This, however, is only to trick Spenny, as Kenny reveals his plan: Once they both put on their blindfolds, Kenny will remove his. He then intends to introduce a blind Spenny to Ben, a friend of Kenny's who's job it is to abuse Spenny on Kenny's behalf. However, Ben leaves after his introduction, and Kenny abuses Spenny, knowing Spenny will think it is Kenny's friend.

Kenny adopts the persona of a luchador in a white jumpsuit, dubbed Silencio, and begins abusing Spenny. Kenny remains silent the entire time (hence Silencio's name), and uses a variety of ways to agitate Spenny, such as unplugging the phone cord and slamming the door on him.

Kenny must also continue being himself, otherwise Spenny will realize that Ben is actually Kenny, although he still abuses Spenny. He decides to go out, leaving Spenny alone at the house. Kenny buys video games with Spenny's credit card.

Kenny has resumed the Silencio persona and continues to abuse Spenny. He uses a marker attached to his broomstick handle to draw on Spenny's face. He replaces Spenny's toothpaste with anchovy paste, which Spenny falls for the next morning, and retaliates by trashing Kenny's room. Spenny forsees a somber day of abuse ahead of him,  which comes to pass as Kenny takes the guise of Silencio once more. 

Spenny decides to leave the house in order to escape "Ben"'s wrath, and suffers outside. Meanwhile, Kenny has reinvited the real Ben into the house and has bought a third blindfold, which he plants near Spenny. Thinking Kenny has lost, Spenny removes his blindfold and goes to confront Kenny, though what he finds is a blindfolded Kenny and Ben in the room, with only an hour left in the competition.