Who can earn the most money in three days?

Money Winner    Spenny
Air Date    10/7/2003

Season One Episodes:

  1. Who is the best Fashion Designer?
  2. Who can stay awake the longest?
  3. Who is the better chef?
  4. Who can stand up the longest?
  5. Who can sit on a cow the longest?
  6. Who is the sanest?
  7. Who can earn the most money in three days?
  8. Who does she like better?
  9. Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
  10. Who can win a beauty pageant?
  11. Who can win a series of mini-competitions?
  12. Who can lose the most weight?
  13. Who can stay handcuffed the longest?
  14. Who can put on the best concert?
  15. Who is the best parent?
  16. Who do kids like most?
  17. Who is the strongest?
  18. Who makes the most convincing woman?
  19. Who is the best actor?
  20. Who is the best male stripper?
  21. Who is the best figure skater?
  22. Who can survive in the woods the longest?
  23. Who will use their arms first?
  24. Who can win a court case?
  25. Who can live in a van the longest?
  26. Who is the better boxer?

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Who can earn the money in three days is the seventh episode of the first season of Kenny vs Spenny.


In this episode, the two have to earn the most money they can in three days, whoever earns the most wins, with the money spent being deducted from the profits. Spenny decides to do lots of things for small prices, so when added together, he will get a large total. Spenny does jobs like abstract art work, cleaning warehouses, busking and many more things. Kenny comes up with the idea of selling airtime on the show, £20 a second, this gains him a lot of money, especially a $2500 deal with a band called Purpleoid. After making enough money, Spenny bets $100 on a horse, Petite Mermaid, and wins, gaining thousands of dollars. Kenny believes he has won from all the money from advertising, but Spenny reads their contract, and half of the money earned by Kenny goes to Spenny, meaning that Kenny's earnings ammount to nothing in the competition, so Spenny wins.


Spenny knew that Kenny liked coffee, and made Kenny drink some coffee...brewed through Spenny's pants. While Kenny is drinking, Spenny attempts to make him feel more sick by talking about skidmarks and other poo-related things.



  • Put up tubs funding a charity which will support a male prostitute who lives on the street: Spenny.
  • Get money from Spenny's family to support Spenny the male prostitute.
  • Sell airtime on the show.
  • Call the police on Spenny.


  • Cleaning up in a workhouse.
  • Busking
  • Make and sell artwork.
  • Bet $100 on a horse.


There was no cheating in this episode, but selling airtime and not splitting the money is against their contract, but they did split the money in the end.


  • The horse Spenny supported was called Petite Mermaid.
  • Kenny earned $1,234.31 selling air time.
  • Kenny humilated Spenny by showing Spenny's mother his escort advertisement.
  • Spenny tried to sell some balloons as a clown named Spenno but instead he scared the children or bored them.