Who Can Dance the Longest?
1 - No building physical aids for support

2 - No usage of 'dancing machines' allowed 3 - No dancing stand-ins

4 - Tapes will be checked for any cheating prior to the humiliation
Spenny performed a cheer praising Kenny with high school cheerleaders, fully dressed in cheerleader attire.
Original airdate
November 14, 2005

Who Can Dance the Longest? is the fifth episode of the second season of Kenny vs. Spenny. Kenny and Spenny must dance until one of them tires out and must stop.

The CompetitionEdit

Spenny kicks off the episode claiming that the rules he's written are airtight, preventing Kenny from being able to cheat, to which Kenny agrees. Kenny seems to be reluctant to start the competition, preferring to stay in his room playing video games than meet Spenny on the couch. Kenny finally agrees to start after he goes upstairs to change his shoes.  

Both men dance around in the living room until Kenny returns to his room. He's prepared a bag and sneaks out through the window, escaping the house without Spenny's knowledge. Spenny quickly discovers Kenny's disappeared, and neither Kenny nor his crew are answering their phones. He takes the car and searches for Kenny at his mother, Tzafi's, house where Kenny and his crew are hiding in the shower, though Spenny doesn't find them thanks to Tzafi's convincing performance. Kenny has stopped dancing altogether.

Spenny continues the search at Kenny's sister, Miriam's house. He quickly gives up the search there after enduring some verbal abuse and having to pay her to make a phone call to Kenny. He continues to Ronnie's, Kenny's brother's, office, where Miriam claimed Kenny would be. Kenny himself makes his way to a hotel where he intends to sleep for the nights of the competition.

Kenny meets with some cheerleaders at a local highschool, where he attempts to make the cheerleaders cheer vulgar, sexual notions ("You make our pom-poms wet", "We want to f*ck you"), though they change his ideas of a good cheer to more appropriate versions, and they rehearse their routine. At the house, Spenny's hired a private eye to discern Kenny's whereabouts, suspecting Kenny hasn't been dancing. The private eye quickly finds a lead and tells Spenny about the hotel, though Kenny isn't there at the time of the discovery.

Kenny makes his way home and Spenny is delighted to think he's won, however Kenny quickly sets the record straight: he'd never actually changed his shoes, so the competition hadn't actually started. Spenny agrees, though he is very tired, to start it again,  and he falls asleep during a slow dance with Kenny a few hours after the second competition began.