Who is Cooler?
1 - No besmirching the other guy in front of the judge.
A naked Spenny must stand in a meat freezer.
Original airdate
November 27, 2006

Who is Cooler? is the seventh episode of the third season. The guys have to be judged based on coolness, and as safety precautions, make up fake personas to act out while the judge is there to have the judge decide based on the guys' characters.

The CompetitionEdit

Spenny informs the camera of Kenny's constant partying and drinking prior to the competition. Kenny goes up to his room and smokes weed while Spenny has a crisis when his crew informs him that Kenny is naturally cooler. He is being constantly surprised by Kenny's numerous guests arriving, and catches them upstairs in Kenny's room doing drugs. Spenny decides to leave Kenny to his own devices, not realizing that the cocaine is actually just sugar.

Spenny reveals his cool guy persona: a bandana-wearing, soul patch-sporting easygoing soft-spoken man wearing a tie-dyed shirt. He works out the nuances of his character by smoking and hitting on women in the streets. 

Kenny does an ironic anti-drug public service announcement which features sound man Brendan Michie and unit director Jamie Tiernay of Kenny's film crew. He enlists the help of a passing crackhead, who happens to be a fan of the show, and surprises Kenny by being a Spenny fan. 

After driving around with his crew and listing the philosophies his character lives by while in character, Spenny receives a call from Kenny, who pretends to be sick from a drug overdose. Spenny rushes home to attend to Kenny, who is busy making fake vomit and setting up a convincing OD scene. Spenny finds him passed out in the bathtub, covered in his false vomit. Spenny kicks out an actress pretending to be Kenny's junkie friend, and cares for Kenny while the latter pretends to recover, and Kenny takes full advantage of the situation. 

Spenny has forgotten about the competition and gets rid of Kenny's drug paraphernalia. He has the crew help during Kenny's rehabilitation, despite them knowing it's all an act on Kenny's part. 

The judge arrives for the competition. Kenny, who's been tied down to his bed since his false overdose, manages to untie himself and come downstairs to meet the judge, showing no signs of drug use. He tells Spenny he faked being a junkie the entire time, and Spenny is furious, leaving to put on his costume to impress the judge, who merely laughs at Spenny's interpretation of what he perceives to be a french Canadian biker. He rules in Kenny's favor, despite all of Kenny's work from up until a week prior resulting only in twenty seconds of confusion in Spenny.