Who do Gay Guys Like More?
Kenny and Spenny are teabagged - two men hired by the crew place their testicles on Kenny and Spenny's foreheads.
Original airdate
October 23, 2006

Who do Gay Guys Like More? is the second episode of the third season. Kenny and Spenny must separately take their gay judge out on a date. Whomever the judge likes more is declared the winner.

The CompetitionEdit

Kenny kicks off the episode dressed in stereotypically gay attire and fake mustache, upon which Spenny remarks will net him the win if Kenny decides to wear it on his date. Kenny retaliates by making up proof that Spenny is really gay. Spenny wants the second date with the judge, and Kenny agrees to a coin toss for the determination, which Spenny loses, and so he gets the first date.

Spenny is extremely nervous for his date, and makes an awkward initial impression with the judge, going into details about his bathroom routine and badmouthing Kenny. Back at the house, Kenny makes a music video using his Maurice del Taco character.  

The judge inquires Spenny about his gay experiences, and Spenny expresses his willingness to explore that side of himself. He also warns the judge of Kenny's del Taco character, who is currently interviewing gay people about their sexualities. Spenny tells the judge he is attractive and they enjoy drinks together. They return to the judge's house and Spenny, alone, confesses to the camera that he thinks the judge likes him, not aware of the awkward atmosphere. Spenny returns to the judge and kisses him, hoping in a last ditch effort to secure the win, but this only serves to make the judge feel more uneasy, and Spenny leaves. 

Kenny sets up a situation to begin his date, the facets of which inlude one of Kenny's gay friends convincing the judge that both Kenny and Spenny are gay. The three have drinks together, and Kenny pretends to be gay. Kenny tells the judge a fake story about Spenny being abusive in their own homosexual relationship, using photoshopped pictures of himself and Spenny together as a couple as proof. Kenny and the judge head off to a museum together, and the judge, while wary of Kenny, seems to connect more with Kenny. 

The judge tells the camera that he may believe Kenny's story, but remains confused about the whole situation. He supports Kenny, who pretends to have multiple breakdowns in the museum. They have drinks at a lounge, where Kenny begins to get daring in his act and begins to exaggerate the stereotypes, and the judge becomes increasingly more suspicious of Kenny. He tells Kenny he needs to use the restroom, and Kenny immediately realizes he's gone overboard. The judge decides to leave in a taxi, and is too offended and angry to declare a winner, despite the crew's instistence on the choice of a victor.

The crew informs Kenny of the judge's departure, and Kenny, horrified, calls Spenny to update him on the situation. Spenny is overjoyed, thinking he wins by a technicality, unaware of the impending double humiliation.