Who Can Stay in a Haunted House the Longest?
Kenny must dress in women's lingerie and stand in a display window.
Original airdate
December 11, 2006

Who Can Stay in a Haunted House the Longest? is the ninth episode of the third season. Kenny and Spenny must spend a night in a haunted house in Toronto. If one of them leaves the premises any time during the night, the other guy wins.

The CompetitionEdit

Kenny recounts the story of a small girl who was decapitated, which led to the haunting of the eponymous house. Spenny is a believer in the paranormal, and makes attempts at educating Kenny on the physics of ghosts. The guys split up to meet with their own personal paranormal counsillors: Kenny has a mentalist named Mysterion, and Spenny has Storm and Shadow of Mythical Matters, a company run by them which sells supernatural paraphernalia. 

Mysterion gives advice to Kenny on how to mess with Spenny's head, while Storm and Shadow advise Spenny on how to ward away malicious spirits. Spenny asks Kenny for hair, and Kenny locks him in the shower. Once he gets out, Spenny makes a talisman using the hair he retrieved to reverse any curses Kenny may cast on him. 

Kenny and Spenny take a tour of the house, and their guides leave fearing for the guys' lives, thinking they will anger any residing spirits. Once alone in the house, Kenny taunts the ghosts into haunting him and Spenny, much to Spenny's annoyance. 

Night falls, and Spenny attempts to ward away spirits using tools given to him by Storm and Shadow. Kenny uses the advice given to him by Mysterion to creep Spenny out little by little until fear takes its hold, wearing period clothing and telling Spenny that "the horses have been fed and watered". Kenny hears a noise coming from the basement, and the guys investigate. Kenny uses the opportunity to scare Spenny. Kenny runs out of the basement with the flashlights, and Spenny panics, as Kenny has seemingly disappeared. 

Kenny is making eerie noises and stomps around the house, scaring Spenny, and generally making the show feel like a horror movie for Spenny. Kenny steals all of Spenny's spirit tools, and pretends to be sodomized by the male ghost. Spenny begins to calm down and regain composure of himself after a night filled with panicking, until Kenny scares him by wearing a donkey head mask and wielding an axe. 

Spenny, tired of all of Kenny's antics, uses his last resort: he handcuffs himself to the radiator, and Kenny, in retaliation, conducts pagan rituals in the next room. A loud noise interrupts the ritual, and Kenny and the entire crew evacuate the house, leaving Spenny alone inside, unable to escape his cuffs. The next morning, the source of the noise is revealed to be a crane that snapped in half and landed on the building next door.