Spenno the Clown
First Appeared In    Who can earn the most money in three days?
Age    35
Date Of Birth    April 14, 1973
Profession    Clown
Played by    Spenny

Spenno was the clown that Spencer Rice dressed up as to win the Who can earn the most money in three days competition. Spenno gave balloons to little children and asked for a donation, but after realizing that no one was giving any donations and he was losing money from the balloons, he asked for the balloons back and charged people for the balloons, but only got a few sales. Kenny saw this and knew that you needed a license for what Spenny was doing, so he rang the police, who then arrived and told Spenny to leave, which he did, in a very bad mood. His name (Pronounced SPED O) is most likely derived from the name given to some children in Special Education (SP.ED) His short description of his character is "the clown who dropped out of Clown School"

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