Spencer rice
Spencer Rice (Arm Wrestling Competition)
Date Of Birth    13 May 1992
Family   Mother

Spencer David Rice (from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) was a guest on the Kenny vs. Spenny show. During "Arm Wrestling Competition", Spencer Rice ("Spenny") feared that Kenny Hotz would tamper with him and thus make the competition unfair. He left a tape recording that stated the only rule for the competition: It must be between Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice.

As such, Kenny travelled to Sault Ste. Marie in order to arm wrestle a teenager named Spencer Rice. The clash was made public, and Kenny won. He humiliated Spencer by hosing him down with a hose, putting ice cubes down his pants and shoving a pie into his face.

However, when Kenny returned home, Spenny challenged him to an arm wrestle and Kenny quickly defeated him, despite using his right hand (he's left handed) and Spenny training the entire episode.

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