First Appeared In    Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
Age    35
Date Of Birth    May 3, 1973
Profession    Ninja/luchadore
Played by    Kenny

Silencio is the character that Kenny dresses up as when he wants to annoy Spenny without being seen. He often uses this character when Spenny is sleeping or unable to see him. Silencio wears a white coat with the letter H on and wears a purple Mil Mascaras wrestling mask. Silencio often does his signature "Camera shush" (where he shushes the cameramen), moves his tongue rapidly, and walks on tiptoes. When Silencio is in action he is usally shot with a night vision film so we can witness the terror he unleashes on his best friend Spenny. According to Kenny, Silencio is the alter-ego of Helmut

"Pretend to be Ben and annoy Spenny." — Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
"Steal Spenny's credit card" — Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
"Swap the babies without Spenny noticing when he is sleeping" — Who is the best parent?
"Stick Spenny's hand to a cabinet while he is sleeping" — First one to talk loses.

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