Season Two


Air Date    16/10/2005

Season Two Episodes:

  1. Who can drink more beer?
  2. Who can stay naked the longest?
  3. Who has the biggest balls?
  4. Who do old people like more?
  5. Who can dance the longest?
  6. First one to talk loses.
  7. Who is funnier?
  8. Who can kiss more women?
  9. Who can sell more Bibles?
  10. Who can win a rat race?
  11. First to be mean loses.
  12. Who is a better journalist?
  13. Who is the better rapper?

All episodes: 12345

Season Two of Kenny vs Spenny, featured 13 episodes, of which Kenny won the most. The season aired between October 2005 and January 2006.


The DVD of Season Two was released on November 21, 2006, featuring 15 episodes (two episodes from Season One were on the Season Two DVD). The DVD contained several bonus features: Season two promo, two commentaries with Kenny and Spenny, deleted scenes, season three preview.

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