Kevin Morgan
Years Active    2007 - 2010
Role    Unit Coordinator/Cameraman
Works with   Spencer Rice

Kevin Morgan was a member of the crew on Kenny vs. Spenny. Between 2007 and 2010, Kevin worked as a Unit Coordinator for Spencer Rice. His arrival as Unit Coordinator coincides with the departure of Donny Rose, Spencer's former Unit Coordinator. As such, it can be assumed that Kevin was Donny's replacement.

Kevin also operated as an additional cameraman for a small amount of episodes. During "First Guy to Get A Stain Loses" (later changed to "Whoever Has the Most Stains Loses"), Kevin starts up the Blood Bath competition.

During "Who Can Handle More Torture?", Kevin acts as the torturer for the majority of the episode. However, Kenny Hotz uses the episode to subject Spencer to numerous humiliations. For example, Kevin wraps an entire roll of duct tape over Spencer's body, including his head. When it's Kenny's turn, he opts out of the challenge, forcing Spencer to tear all of the tape off his own body. Kevin later apologises to Spencer, claiming that he's really sorry. He wears a black ski-mask throughout the episode.

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