A Humilation is a punishment that one is required to suffer for losing a competition in Kenny vs Spenny. A humiliation is usually chosen by the winner. Spenny will usually be true to the name and make Kenny be actually humiliated, while Kenny will make Spenny do suffering and physically painful, though there have been exceptions to both.

If the competition ends in a tie, it will either end in a tiebreaker, no humiliation at all, or the crew of Kenny vs Spenny chooses a humiliation that both competitors must endure.

It is allowed for exceptions in humiliations, if both competitors come to an agreement. Examples are: in Who is the Best Figure Skater?, when Kenny was feigning a leg injury, he made an agreement with Spenny that no one would suffer a humiliation (although Spenny urinated on his bed when he found out he was lying). Also, in Who Can Stay in A Christmas Tree the Longest?, Spenny agreed to do a humiliation if he would be allowed to say he won.