Kenny's Krew

The primary crew of Kenny Hotz.

Over the course of the Kenny vs. Spenny series, a number of people have worked as part of the crew. The crew consists of audio recorders, cameramen, and unit managers.

Both Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice have crews, though they have been known to interchange. For example, during "Who Can Imitate the Other Guy Better?", Kenny's crew followed Spencer and vice versa in order to judge the competition.

Crew MembersEdit

Kenny HotzEdit

Spencer RiceEdit

However, a number of other people have worked as cameramen and audio recorders over the course of the series. Listed above are the men who are most consistent crew members.

  Crew edit

Brendan MichieBrian PecoChristopher BehnischChris RomeikeDonny RoseDoug MacPhersonDuncan ChristieJamie TiernayKevin MorganMatt MarekNick HarasztySamir RehemSebastian Cluer

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